Master’s Letter March 2023

I have been working on some research for a Scottish Rite project and I ran across this small letter, sent by a Past Master to a new, young Worshipful Master of his lodge. This letter was published in a copy of the Masonic News, published by the Detroit Masonic Temple Association, in January of 1927. I encourage you to read this as a new Mason. I share it here for you, with no additional comment.

“My dear Brother :

Just a word, upon the eve of your installation as Master of United Craft Lodge, to congratulate you upon your deserved honor and responsibility.

It’s a great distinction for one so young in years to be chosen as the guiding genius of a Masonic lodge. It’s doubly great to be singled out at any time as a leader of men.

To lead properly you will have to be kind and considerate. You must not always expect to have your way. Quite often it may be advantageous to you to sacrifice your personal opinion in order to render the right measure of service to your fellows.

Above everything else, learn to keep your head. Any fool can go off on a tangent. Any nut can play the role of a wild animal. But mark you, and mark it well, that it takes a real man to recognize the undeniable fact that he who controls [himself] is better than he who takes a city.

Learn to be human in all of your contracts. I do not mean by this that you are to become flippant or that you are to make any effort to imitate the ordinary stunts of the humorist . What I do mean is that you are to display all of the characteristics of a regular he-man and at the same time impress your associates with the fact that both you and your job are entitled to a certain degree of respect and dignity, which you purpose to maintain at all hazards.

You need not shout such a policy from the housetops. You can easily convey it all through your personal attitude. A man’s measure is always taken by the way he conducts himself in the discharge of his responsibilities, either in his home, office, lodge or anywhere else.

Lastly, let me suggest to you in all sincerity but without any desire to deliver a preachment [sic], that the man whose leadership counts for the most and the best is the one who keeps his life  losely [sic] in harmony with the teachings of the Man of Galilee. I like to contemplate His activities because I find that He always did everything in a big way. For example, just pause for a moment and consider the invitation He gave in these words on a certain occasion “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Note, if you please, that there is nothing in that about color, creed or denomination. It embraces the whole world. It does not include the avenue and ignore [sic] the alley . It speaks as eloquently to the man clad in homespun as it does the one in broadcloth.

I am sure that as Master of United Craft Lodge you will plan to speak and work in a similar way. You cannot afford to do otherwise. You cannot afford to spend a year in the East without planning to get the discipline, the vision and the sympathy that will make you a bigger, better and finer man in all of your future activities.

So God speed you, my young friend, and give you the strength and judgment you will need in the discharge of your several duties. I know you’re going to distinguish yourself. I also know that you’re going to make one of the best Masters United Craft Lodge has ever had.

Such is my wish and prayer on this beautiful winter morning, and with it goes a world of regret over my inability to induct you into office . Please be assured that even though I shall not be on the platform in person, I shall certainly be there in spirit .

Yours sincerely and fraternally,


Source Masonic World, Jan 1927. Volume VII, No.1, p22. Last accessed Mar 28, 2023.

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