Master’s Letter Feb 2023

As I write this, I am hoping everyone is recovering from the recent storm. We heard it was coming, but weather is somewhat unpredictable. If you are still recovering, or need some help, please reach out and we will try to find you some help.

in Alexandria, Virginia

February has been a good month for our Lodge. If you were unaware, we have rebound our membership book. We have also done some small improvements to the restroom, and general maintenance on the Lodge room.

March will be an exciting month. We have several MM practices scheduled, and, we have our annual St. Patrick’s Day party. If you are interested in attending, or helping, please let us know. Reservations are a must for this event.

We are starting into the busy portion of our year, with lots of events, end of school, etc. It may seem a little overwhelming, and chaotic on a personal level, but remember your Brothers and your Lodge have your back. If you need some help, or just a place to get away, let us know.

Fraternally & Sincerely,



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  1. I will be back the first of April. If ther is any thing I can do to help, do not hesitate to ask.Tom S. DDI


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