Master’s Letter April 2023

It is nearing the end of the month. Members and family helped with a great charity poker event. We have had our stated meeting, did a visit, and talked about what is coming up for Grand Lodge. The Lodge cleaned up the road (31 bags this month) and had a nice breakfast at the Coney. We also had a FC practice, which was well attended, and we had some nice social time after. The Lodge has also had a couple of Social Sundays, I would love to see more members take advantage of that event. Heck, we even approved giving some money away for scholarships. Things go on as normal in Clinton. Nothing magic.

I will be going to Grand Lodge near the end of the month (May 21-23). We will cover some legislation, approve budgets, approve reports, and elect a new line of Grand Lodge Officers. There might be some golfing and maybe even people going to dinners and an installation of officers. People will dress up, there will be smiles, handshakes and laughter. Things go on with Michigan Masonry.

But is that all? I mean, meetings, charity, community service, social events, elections, and laws; is that all Masonry is?

During a great conversation at the Lodge, several members were talking with some prospective members about just this thing: What is Masonry? Do we not care for our communities, and want to give back to them? Of course we do, but that is not Masonry. Well, what about all those rituals, and those signs you have, is that Masonry? How about being in-charge, and an officer in your group; is that Masonry?

The careful mind will realize that the result of Masonry is the outpouring of those things we associate with Masonic Lodges. In other words, it is the result of working on self-improvement, that guides us in these paths.

And that was the magic I saw in the Lodge the other day. A group of men, discussing what we do, and how we do them, not as a mode of philanthropy, but to improve ourselves. Even sitting in a small group setting, we can have just these kinds of improving conversations when we are together. Everyone walks away with more than they did when they came to the conversation. The magic was in the conversation and in the personal relationships.

If your cable tow allows it, stop by the Lodge, things are not just normal.

Fraternally & Sincerely,


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