January 2023 Master’s Letter

Welcome to 2023 Brothers,

Masonry is alive and well!

I’d love that to be the phrase on each of our lips when we wake in the morning until we lay down and close our eyes each night. I fear, however, that masonry still has many challenges that need to be overcome before we can say it is, “alive and well.”

Yes, there are many factions that would love to see Freemasonry die, but very few have the teeth to do so. There are competing activities, distractions and real conflicts, like work and family, that need attending to. We all learned the same lessons about where to put our priorities, so no need to rehash that here. We need to feed our families. We need to spend time with them. We need to spend time in worship and reverence. All of those things should take priority over the Lodge. So then, what is that real threat to Masonry, to our lodge, that is so dangerous? What is the thing that will undo Freemasonry?


In other words: An indifference to the moral and social science, with which we have committed ourselves.

Yup, that is it. That is the death knell of Freemasonry.

We are taught in our lessons, about how we should work to improve ourselves; to divest ourselves of the moral superfluities and vices of life. We are taught time management. We are taught how to improve ourselves. We are taught how to interact with others and the world around us. We are shown how the GAOTU has put us in a place to impact others and the world around us. We are, in essence, taught the secret mysteries of the universe, but do we actually put them into practice?

Is that you? Are you putting your lessons into practice? If not, why not? If you are, please let us know how Masonry has changed you, and how you are changing others.

On a separate note, we had a gang-busters meeting this month with guys from several lodges, including our own. It was a great meeting. We got some stuff done for the lodge. We got some stuff done for philanthropy. We talked through a couple of upcoming events. Oh, you haven’t heard? We’ve got some new things on the list for this year:

We have charity poker in Jan & April. Please make sure to sign up for at least one time-slot.
February 12, we are having a Souper Bowl party. Bring a soup, recipe, and have some fun watching the game until ½ time.
We have a cigar night setup for Feb 23 – should be big fun.
Match is our traditional, non-traditional St. Patrick’s day dinner. Bring the kids, family, etc
Almost every Sunday night we have Sunday Social at the lodge. Want to just hang out and have a couple of laughs? It might be the place for you.

Each of these is a great opportunity to introduce your friends and family to Masonry. We look forward to a great year and connecting with so many of our Brothers and their families.

Fraternally & Sincerely,


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