December 2022 Master’s Letter

Thank you. 

Thank you Brothers for putting your trust in me as Worshipful Master for 2023. I look forward to a great year with a terrific number of opportunities to continue to grow in Masonry. 

Our annual installation of officers was overseen by RWB Mike Roberts, who is the Grand Junior. Deacon for the State of Michigan. We had a lovely afternoon with a simple installation, a terrific lunch, served by some of our friends and family, and a fantastic afternoon of fellowship. The Ladies had an awesome cookie exchange, which was well received. We even had our local Job’s Daughter’s Assembly, and a Grand Assembly officer to greet us. The Lodge had a number of old faces, and a couple of new ones interested in joining the Lodge. It was a fabulous afternoon that will be long remembered; thank you all!

Funny thing. I asked Mike to be our Installing Officer about a year ago. He told me today that he is a “mediocre ritualist”. Today, Mike stood up, did his very best, and installed us all. There is no magic in what he did. Were there mistakes? Yes. Did we have a good time? Yes. There was nothing special in his delivery. But, he did what he said he would do, which was install our Lodge to the best of his ability.

2020 and 2021 were hectic and horrible. The pandemic kept us on our toes and really made a huge negative impact on the Lodge. We had a number of months where we could do nothing, and it really hurt our attendance at regular meetings. The Lodge did a great job of trying to pivot during the pandemic. Bros. Haddow, Owen and Harrel made some changes, in response to the pandemic, to still create the sacred space of our Lodge, but make it accessible to those who could not attend in person. We tried out some new technology, and in part it helped, and in part it made things harder. Sometimes remote video would not work, etc. We are continuing to tweak this tech, so it can be accessible to everyone.We didn’t get everything right the first time, but we are trying to make it so everyone who is remote can still feel and participate. It has been a bit broken, but we are committed to include all of our Brothers. 

Mea culpa. We tried, and it didn’t meet expectations. The best solution when something is broken is to change it, which is what we are doing. 

We made a pivot to use Google Meet, recently, and we think this is a better solution. It seems to be more stable and includes better audio. We will continue to iterate on this to make sure we have a solution that works for remote members. Stick with us, Brothers, we are trying to get it right. You can help us by saying something if you see problems or ways we can improve the system.

The Lodge has a pretty full calendar for 2023. Our focus this year is really on including more family, and significant other, related events. There are a number of “date nights” set up for us to spend some time with our significant others and help them understand how important our Brotherhood is to us. For instance: Superbowl party in Feb – done at half-time, and we will have a “soup-r-bowl” dinner for those who want to participate. We also have a formal set for May. This will be a great time for you to get your significant other out of the house, and dressed for fun. You would be surprised at the number of Ladies I have talked to who are adamant that they want to get dressed up and do something FUN! 

Additionally, we want to remove the stigma associated with those who have not been able to attend the normal workings of the Lodge. I think Brother “Whip” summed it up nicely, and I will paraphrase the conversation: 

“When you don’t make it to Lodge, because of work, or whatever; stuff you have to do, you tend to feel some level of guilt for not attending. Then you feel guilty for not trying to make it up to the Lodge, which compounds the guilt. What we need is a way for people to just get past that feeling of guilt and remember the Brotherly Love that is our Lodge.”

I gotta say, that conversation blew me away. Frankly, I am not fantastic at understanding emotional signals; I am not immune, but not great at it. Here we have a Brother who has dialed into a real problem that might turn the corner for the Lodge. People who feel disconnected, for whatever reason tend to not come back. I want you to know, and understand, that no one thinks you are less for not making it to Lodge. What we are more concerned with, is to make sure we have the Brotherly, no… filial love, shown to our Brothers. You were not included into the membership because of wealth, or status. You were included into the Brotherhood because you have a spark of the infinite and signs of the Grand Master of the Universe. We want you to attend because we love you and what you bring to our Society. 

Restrictions are lifted now, which is great. We can meet, somewhat unfettered. Guys are clamoring for the social aspects of our Brotherhood. The familial, filial and frankly, just fun times are what we need. Our clubhouse, the Lodge, is open and waiting to fill the halls with laughter, fun, education, growth and YOU!!.

If you are feeling disconnected with the Lodge, help us out, let us know. If you “forgot” passwords, etc., don’t sweat it, we are here for you. If you are missing Brotherhood, fellowship, and frankly, just some “guy” time, stop in and see us, we miss you. 

Check in with a Brother who has not been around for a while. Bring him up to Lodge, or just bring yourself up. 

We look forward to spending time with you in our Brotherhood!

Fraternally and Sincerely,

WM Wes Tapp, PM


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  1. Congratulations WB Wes. Hope you have a great year and if I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck in the coming year. Best of wishes.Tom


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