Aug/Sept Master’s Message

Welcome back!

Many Lodges will be coming back this month from being dark over July and August. If your Lodge installs Officers around the turn of the year like Clinton does, it’s a short jaunt until the swapping of chairs begins.

shutterstock_101041396Thinking about the upcoming installation, and the new job I took over the summer gave me an idea for this posting: Change and Comfort Zones.

While often feared, change is a good thing. Change allows us to grow, to learn, to experience new things. While the particular change may not be something you like, it will present you with new options and new chances to prove yourself. Frankly, after working at my last job for 17 years, I was terrified of moving on to a new job. I knew everything I needed to know at my old job. Where everything was, the history of the building and the items in it. I knew the quirks and ins and outs of all the software and hardware. But things had grown stale for me and unless I made that jump to a new job, I was not going to grow any more.

What I found was that I’d settled into a comfort zone. I took comfort in the fact I knew what I knew. The problem was, I wasn’t learning anything new or moving out of that comfort zone.

The deal with comfort zones is that while we are happy inside of them, they can become barriers that keep us in unless we work to try things outside of those boundaries. If you don’t push out of your comfort zone now and again, you may even find it shrinking in on you.

So look for things in your life that may be getting stale and head them off before it becomes an issue. Make positive changes in your life, and help others do the same in their lives. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things, new foods, new experiences.

Masonically some options are to take a speaking part in a ritual, visit another Lodge, ask how you can help keep your Temple clean and maintained, or assist on a committee.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how even little changes can improve your outlook on life.

Jason Owen
Worshipful Master
Clinton Lodge #175

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