July Master’s Message

We’re in the middle of a awfully warm summer and while the Lodge may be dark, our minds should still be bright and sharp.aristc3b3teles

Continuous education should be something everyone strives for. Be it a whole new trade, a new method for doing something you already know, or even “re-discovering” an old passion and building on it.

So far this summer, I’ve learned a fair amount about kayaking and designed and built a contraption to help my daughter in volleyball. I started learning a programming language, a database manipulation language, read some of Aristotle’s Rhetoric, thanks to the Lodge’s summer book discussion, and learned a fair amount about my own motivations thanks to some taking some time for reflection on my life these 39 years.

I hope everyone reading this is taking time to learn and grow, for that’s what humans are meant to do in life. Don’t get stuck in a rut, find a passion, an interest, and work toward that goal.

On a similar note, I’ve been asked a couple times why I setup a Lodge “gameday” as a reoccurring event. What benefit is there to sitting around and playing board and card games (and complicated ones at that)?

First off, it’s a time for bonding. Being in a smaller setting of usually 3-6 people playing an individual game, you have a great opportunity to get to know those at the table. Find out what they’ve been up to, how their family is, etc. It’s less intimidating than talking in open lodge or even the big communal dinner before Lodge.


Once you know the people better, you can communicate with them on a higher level. Communication is key in work, family life, and any recreational activity that involves more than just you. Playing these games you often need to work with other players to either accomplish a common goal, or to convince them not to interfere with you accomplishing your goals; which brings us to negotiation! Being able to successfully negotiate treaties, trades, etc in games are skills that can easily be put to use out in the world. You learn to recognize what you have, need, and can offer to others while also seeing what they can offer you, and need themselves to reach their goals.

Speaking of goals, (bringing this all back together here!) in a game, much like life there are often multiple routes to victory. Learning to recognize what your goal is, devising a plan to get there, and adapting that plan to changes will lead you to victory in the game, as well as life.

Please don’t be intimidated by Game day, we love teaching people new games and explaining how they work. It’s a great time and hope to see you at the next one.

Keep cool out there!
Jason Owen, WM

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