June Master’s Message

One of the three principle tenets of the Fraternity is “Brotherly Love”. With this month’s letter, I’d like to touch on what that phrase means to me.
Brotherly Love is a tough love, a friendship, a bond. It’s dropping what you were doing on a quiet evening to go hang out with a Brother that has had a particularly rough day and asked for some company. It’s good natured ribbing about being stood up for a lunch date. It’s being given sound advice, even if it’s hard to hear.
Brotherly Love is being there to help, encourage, support, and keep one another out of trouble.
I’m very proud of Clinton Lodge and how the Brothers take care of each other. I’ve seen great acts of kindness and selflessness done without a second thought and with no expectation of payment simply because they were the right thing to do. I’ve heard great advice and even well structured admonishment given to those that ask.
I have been on the receiving end of very uplifting talks when I’m down, gentile reminders to get things done (like this posting), and always offered assistance in any project I’ve got going on.
It may seem like Brotherly Love like this is hard to find nowadays, but it’s there. We have it within the Fraternity, we practice it within our communities, and we teach it to our children.
With that all said, I notice that it’s June already. That means I’m halfway through my term as Worshipful Master. The experience so far has been wonderful. I’ve learned so much and like to think I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far. We have our last meeting before we “go dark” for the summer Wednesday, June 20th. We’re carrying forward the tradition of the “3 H night”. Wear your favorite Hawaiian, Hillbilly, and/or Harley attire. Over the summer we’re bringing back the reading club to meet and continue our education and enlightenment.
I look forward to seeing everyone, and any new faces that would like to join in.
Jason Owen
Worshipful Master – Clinton Lodge #175
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