Apr/May Master’s Message

The Grand Lodge of Michigan’s Annual Communication was this week. This was my second trip, and I highly recommend all Masons attend one of these events, especially upcoming Worshipful Masters.

One of the things I love about Grand Lodge, is the passion members have for Masonry. Some might see the arguijosephjason2ng of grumpy old men, but I see men who are passionate about the Fraternity and it’s laws and customs. These men have strong opinions and are there to express them to keep Masonry what they feel it should be, or to help guide it from something that isn’t working into something they think will help us all.
While I may not agree with all these ideas, I respect that these Brothers are doing what they can to try and improve things.
Talking with a Brother about a piece of legislation that you don’t quite understand the background, or what exactly they’re trying to accomplish can make a world of difference as well.
While all the formal stuff is a great experience, just like regular Lodge nights, is to be had after the meetings close. Sitting down and chatting with Brothers from all over the state, getting to hear their stories, how their Lodge works, etc. is by far, my favorite part of Masonry. Probably why my favorite line has always been “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”
Upcoming events:
  •  Wednesday, May 31st – 5th Wednesday Discussion Night
  • Monday, June 12th – Visit Olive Lodge #156 in Chelseagrumpy
  • Monday June 19th – School of Instruction @ Palmyra Lodge #184
  • Wednesday, June 21st – Standard Communication and “3H” night: Dress code is Hawaiian, Hillbilly, and/or Harley.
Over the summer we will be doing the Reading Club with Brother Tapp as well!
Lots of great stuff going on, and can’t wait to see everyone again.
Jason Owen
WM, Clinton Lodge #175
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