New Master’s Letter

Seasons greetings brothers,

The Christmas season is a great time to visit family and friends, share with each other
and show our love and respect to others less fortunate. Right after that another new year
is upon us. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and happy new year.

This is my first time sitting in the captains chair. I hope all of you will be patient in my
performance of duties. That said I would like to thank my mentors and incoming officers
who are a great help and benefit. Their support is much appreciated. I feel 2022 will be a
better year for our Lodge. Not because of me, but because the last few years have been
tough for all of us. Hopefully the COVID is on a downturn and we can get back to business
as usual.

I would like all of you to take precaution about the COVID virus. Brothers we need to keep vigilance. This virus is not over. I have recently lost a cousin, a class mate from school, and was informed one of our brothers from the Lodge Tom Phipps have all passed from this virus. Please take every precaution necessary for you and your families and friends!

As brother Owens mentioned we are back online for Charity Poker starting at the end of
January 2022. Please sign up. It is quite an experience to watch the players and staff
there (sometimes very entertaining). This is a tremendous benefit for our Lodge charity

Thanks all for giving me the opportunity to be WM. Merry Christmas all!

Yours Fraternally,
Duane Harrell

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