Happy Fourth of July Brothers

I had planned to write one of these each month this year, but obviously have fallen behind. While I cannot change the past, I can endeavor to do better in the future.

Continental Army Memorial placed by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania – photo by W. Tapp

This year has had a lot of “catching up” for everyone it seems. Work, Personal Life, and Lodge all had been on hold or very limited for so long. We’re all out there trying to get back to the way life was just two years ago. 

Personally, I’m finding that being out in public, or more especially group events, is exhausting. Being around so many people at once just feels overwhelming. Hopefully I’ll be back to my old ways soon. If you’re feeling the same, realize it’s not just you. Worshipful Brother Haddow recently spoke on this for one of his Lodge Education pieces. People are all trying to get integrated back into working with and being around everyone else out there. They are frustrated, tired, and overwhelmed by all the interactions and tempers flare up quickly. He charged us with helping to spread Masonic values of Brotherly Love and Compassion to our fellow man.

With restrictions lifted and more Brothers attending Lodge, we Raised a Brother to the sublime degree of a Master Mason recently as well. It felt good to be doing degree work again and guiding Brothers on their path through the Lodge. We have one more Master Mason degree in the works and an Investigation Committee is out on an applicant. I love degree work and hope more Brothers will join us in performing and witnessing these upcoming events.

Also going on at Lodge we plan to still meet on the third and fifth Wednesdays over the summer. We’ll be doing educational discussions and social hours. They’re great nights for provoking discussions and just relaxing with Brothers.

We’ll have the picnic again this year as well on Saturday August 14th down at Tate Park. Always a great time there with the grill running, kids playing, and families hanging out for the afternoon.

All in all things are picking back up and I look forward to seeing everyone. As always, if there’s anything you need, or you just want to chat, please drop me a line.

Jason Owen

WM, Clinton #175 

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