Dec 2020 Master’s Letter

Hello Brethren!

I’ve been asked to serve as Worshipful Master for a second term. I’m going to bring back the Master’s Letter this year. I enjoy the challenge of writing them and the thought that goes into the process.

As with my last year as WM, we’ll have a theme this year as well. Using inspiration from ritual I’ve decided to use one of the Liberal Arts, that valuable branch of education that tends so effectually to polish and adorn the mind, as this year’s theme: Astronomy.

The stars and planets and their motions and positions throughout the heavens have been sources of mystery, mythology, study, and inspiration since time immemorial. You can observe them by simply looking up on a clear night, no special tools needed.

Unfortunately while many stellar events are known and can be planned for, you often have to hope mother nature cooperates. The expected Northern Lights from last week didn’t manifest as hoped, and the meteor shower this weekend will likely be blocked by cloud cover. Patience is a virtue, especially in stargazing. We’ll have to catch them next time around.

Something we can look forward to though is the “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn. If you look to the Southwest, just after sundown, you’ll see two bright stars getting closer each night. Those are actually Jupiter and Saturn. On the evening of the 21st they will get as close together as they have in 400 years and will form the “Christmas Star”.

We too can look to the South and the West in Lodge and the officers there as they work together to help direct the Lodge and plan for the future. Drawing inspiration from them and their leadership is just as important as looking to the East. We can expand that to understand that the closer each of our members work together, the brighter our Lodge will shine as a whole.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Holiday season, whichever ones you celebrate.

Jason Owen, PM

Worshipful Master

Clinton #175

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