January 2017 Master’s Message

We Miss You!

Hello again Brothers!jason

One of the reasons for starting this blog was for Brothers that couldn’t attend meetings could get an idea of what’s going on. What I hope to accomplish by doing that is to bring back some of the Brothers that we haven’t seen in awhile. The impression I got when speaking to a couple Brothers that hadn’t been up in a long time was that they felt they lost touch with what the Lodge was doing while they were away. The feeling was that they were hesitant to come back because they felt they like they missed out and wouldn’t fit in.

Remember when you first joined? You knew 1-3 guys, had no idea what was going on, etc.. You grew to know, respect, and love your Brothers.

Being gone for a stretch is even easier to overcome. These Brothers I saw in the community and easily struck up a conversation with them. It was like nothing had changed, and we talked about family, work, etc. The connection is still there, and still strong. You just need to come on up the third Wednesday of the month and come back to see us.

On that note, this month’s meetings have been a lot of fun.

We had a Fellowcraft Degree on the 11th that was quite impressive. The 10 visiting Brethren, mostly from Tecumseh including their Worshipful Master, along with Cement City’s Worshipful Master really enjoyed the degree work. Dinner arrived late, but the pizza was greatly appreciated.

January’s business meeting didn’t feature any guests, but did have a delicious chili prepared by Bro. Miller’s wife, Valerie. We discussed plans for upcoming events and made a donation to the Chad Tough volleyball fundraiser being held at the High School March 11th.

Speaking of charitable donations, even if you can’t make regular meetings, we can always use help running Charity Poker. Three of us a shift count money, hand out poker chips, and enjoy hanging out with each other. As Worshipful Brother Quick is fond of saying, “It’s a heck of a lot easier than bake sales and raffles!”

Here’s a couple of things from the upcoming schedule (Which you can see by clicking the downward arrow next to about on the left side menu there and clicking calendar.)

Jan 29th – DeMolay “DemCon” gaming event
Jan 31st – Cigar night at La Casa De La Habana
Feb 3rd – Visit Tecumseh Lodge #69
Feb 8th – MM Practice
Feb 15th – Regular Communication
Feb 22nd – Lodge of Instruction at Clinton Lodge
Feb 25th – MM Degree and Past Master’s Dinner (11am start)

Lots going on, lots of good fellowship, discussion, education, and growth, both personal and Lodge wise.

Can’t wait to see you there, and for you to see my fancy hat.

Jason Owen
Worshipful Master


WM Welcome

Greetings Brothers!

I wanted to start off the year thanking all the Brothers in the Lodge that have supported, counseled, and enlightened myself and others throughout the years. The brotherhood we have in our Lodge is amazing.

Last year was our 150th Anniversary, and it was a wonderful year for the Lodge. We had educational events, Lodge improvements, and lots of fellowship. Moving forward into this year, the Officers and I are looking to keep that energy rolling. Some of the events planned include: a Tigers game bus trip, a tour of the Detroit Masonic Temple, and a Wine and Painting night.

On the Lodge improvement side, I’m looking into getting some items to improve the degree work and some artwork to adorn the newly painted walls.

There’s more in the works, and we have a brother to pass to the Fellowcraft Degree slated for January 11th at 7:30pm.

I’ll be posting more info as the year moves along, so check back here to keep up on things. Or better yet, come to our Stated Communications the third Wednesday of the month!

Jason Owen, WM